Chocolate Covered Bacon

Chocolate covered Bacon is the 2nd of our beginner Bacon desserts. It's is easy to make. It's delicious and a great Bacon treat for any Bacon lover. Lets face it, Valentines day sucks, no one likes buying cards and flowers and boxes of chocolate. Its the same thing every year. We have a problem to solve here Bacon lovers, How can we make valentine's day not suck? Answer: Chocolate Bacon. No longer will you look at Valentine's day thinking "this is gonna suck, i don't want to give/get a shitty card and some chocolate" you new thought process will be "Only 364 days until I get a box of Chocolate Bacon."  Don't have a lover on Valentine's day? No problem, you still got Bacon. (Note: Just as delicious on any day that is not Valentine's day aka Chocolate Bacon Day.)


  • 12 thick-sliced bacon strips (about 1 pound) 
  • 1 cup semisweet chocolate chips
  • Optional toppings: Sprinkles, chopped dried apple chips, apricots and crystallized ginger, finely chopped pecans and pistachios, toasted coconut, kosher salt, brown sugar, cayenne pepper and coarsely ground black pepper. Even Bacon Bits



1.) Make Bacon. (We assume you already know how to do this. If you don't you have no Business on this website, or Earth for that matter.)

2.) Make More Bacon. Its good.

3.) Melt Chocolate chips. The best way to make melt chocolate is done with a double boiler. This is done by boiling water in one pot, placing another pot in the original pot, then placing chocolate in that pot. (confused? look at the picture) This prevents the chocolate from burning. Don't burn yourself. In-fact don't burn anything. You can use a stainless steel bowl and a pot to form a makeshift double-boiler.

4.) By now you can probably see where this going. If you can't I seriously question your ability to use common Bacon sense.

5.) Step 4 was more like a comment then a step, anyway once the chocolate is melted, dip your already cooked Bacon in the chocolate. (Chocolate will be hot, this goes back to the common sense thing, Be careful, we recommend using tongs during this process)

6.) Lay your chocolate covered Bacon on a sheet of wax paper.

7.) While the Chocolate is still melted sprinkle the toppings of your choice on the chocolate Bacon strips. (Which is ironic if you are using sprinkles, because you will be sprinkling sprinkles, It's like Inception, only with Chocolate covered sprinkle Bacon)

8.) Place Chocolate covered Bacon in fridge or freezer and let cool until chocolate has solidified.

9.) Enjoy your chocolate covered Bacon. For optimum taste, We recommend using shredded bacon as a topping on the chocolate covered bacon. Try out different toppings and see what you like best.